Mission & Vision

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Our Mission;

  • Is to develop the arms industry in our country, to make production by keeping the productivity at the highest level and create employment opportunity accordingly.
  • Is to achieve company’s growth on a worldwide scale by maintaining our development, to create new products in the arms and shotgun markets and to rank among the top 10 companies in the industry for hunting and sporting shotguns.

Our Vision;

  • We are completely focused on safety, quality, value, and continuous improvement with our strong team consisting of our employees, our customers and our suppliers.
  • We know very well what a hunter expects for a shotgun from best price-quality combination to best performance features and we set off to provide this for him.
  • We provide customer satisfaction, by optimizing today’s technology with our team of expert engineers and technicians, and deliver the best quality products manufactured to the market in accordance with our targets.

Our Goals;

Are to produce new models by recording and analysing customer inquiries, complaints and suggestions in order to increase production quality, to attain the highest place in Turkish arms industry by increasing our share in the domestic and foreign markets and to add value to our country’s economy.

In addition, to maximize FIAS-CESA's international competitiveness in the world arms industry and to rank among in the world's leading arms manufacturers.